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Popular Truck Driving Games

Some of the top truck driving games include Eighteen Wheels Driver, Urban Explorer, Four Wheel Madness, and Driver’s Ed 2. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best truck driving games and learn why even professional truck drivers love them.

Top Selling Truck Driving Games

Eighteen Wheels Driver is one of the most popular truck driving games on the market. This game requires a large amount of precision and skill. Most people are unable to cope with the demands of steering the game’s massive truck. The aim of the game is to park a truck into a marked spot, with as little damage as possible. Challenging for even professional truckers, this game is highly addictive.

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Urban Explorer involves using specialized off road trucks. This game allows some of the best drivers in the business to test their off roading skills and is considered to be one of the most challenging online driving games on the market.

Four wheel madness is a fun truck driving game that challenges players to use monster trucks in a race to the finish line. This off road game is single or double player and can also be played online.

Driver’s Ed 2 is a cool car parking and driving game that involves trying to pass a road driving test and obtain your license, all by utilizing the help of outrageous driving instructors. This parking simulation game will require a large amount of patience, determination and expert driving skills.

Eighteen Wheeler 3 is one of the most challenging truck driving games out there and involves hauling large loads under a number of different circumstances. If you’re a professional truck driver, you’ll definitely love this game as it requires precision driving skills, not to mention an endless amount of patience.

Truck Mania 2 requires the user to be a skilled driver and offers players simulated trucking experiences. This game features the transportation of goods across hilly and bumpy tracks and can be a challenge even for the professional truck driver.

Easy to Play Games for Truck Drivers

Alp Truck two is an online trucking game where the player will get to shoot off of hilltops in large monster trucks, performing back flips and somersaults in midair. This fun truck driving game is fairly easy to play and offers the user hours of awesome trucking action.

The snow storm trucker game is fun for the whole family and features problem solving snow plow obstacle courses in this maze-like puzzle game.

The Big Rig Driving School video game allows the trucker to really put their skills to the test. The player can demonstrate their driving skills by working their way through a series of cones without touching or crushing them. Enjoy large obstacle courses and times races with this fun family game.

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