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What is a Paid CDL Training Program Like?

Paid CDL training will usually include obtaining a state permit, driving on the road for three to four weeks with a paid CDL training instructor, classes that prepare you for the CDL exam and a partnership with your trainer for four to six months. To qualify for paid CDL training the aspiring trucker will need to have a valid driver’s license for the past year, from the state the student intends to receive their CDL license from. Students also need to be at least 21 years of age, provide proof of citizenship, references from previous employers, no past reckless driving convictions, no failed drug tests in the last four years, no license suspension for the past three years, no more than two moving violations in the past year, and no more than four moving violations in the past two years.

How to Find a Paid CDL Training Program

These paid CDL training programs are offered through successful trucking companies who are looking to recruit new drivers. To apply for a position, an applicant will need to fill out an application. Once an application has been approved a student will begin their four to six month long training program. During the paid CDL training, a student will work with a trainer in order to perfect their driving skills and the instructor will teach the student the skills needed to obtain a CDL. At the same time the student will learn about the basics regarding how to become a successful driver.

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While training on the road, the trucking company will loan students around $200 to $300 a week for the student to use for incidentals and food during the instruction phase. This amount will be repaid through deductions from future paychecks at a cost of $25 to $50 increments once the student has graduated and obtained their CDL and are hired by the trucking company. The time prior to obtaining their license is considered unpaid instruction time.

After a student has obtained their CDL and they have been hired, they can earn around $600 each week or twelve cents per mile, during the remainder of the training.

During the training, a student can expect to be out for a month at a time. Once a student becomes a solo driver, they can expect to be out for a period of two to three weeks at a time, depending on where they live. Drivers will get a day off for every week they are out on the road. Once a driver is eligible to become a lease operator, they will also be able to set their own schedule for making it back home. The $600 weekly salary is then paid to a student through the remainder of the training program, which is typically twelve weeks, up to six months in length.

Because of the high cost of training and recruiting for entry level drivers, a trucking company will require the student to work for them for a minimum of one year from the date the student completes a training program.

The average entry level trucker will start out spending six weeks on the road at a time. Working as an independent contractor allows a trucker to determine their own at home time and work schedule.

Some additional incentives of trucking school programs will also include on-time delivery bonuses, safety bonuses and different mileage incentive bonuses.

Benefits of Trucker Training Programs

Many trucking programs that require students to remain on the grounds during the duration of time spent training, will feature facilities that are equipped with spas, movie theaters, weight rooms and basketball courts.

Other benefits of paid CDL training programs include life insurance coverage and health insurance. Typically, the eligibility period for these benefits will begin after three months from the date the trucker is hired.

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