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How much do Truckers Make on Average?

Many companies, organizations and government agencies rely on truck drivers to deliver and transport goods.  These same companies, as well as UPS, USPS and manufacturers, depend on truck drivers to deliver products all over the country. All drivers will need to deliver and pick up products and packages, coordinate their driving routes and process deliveries and order through the company’s sales office or main headquarters. How much do truckers make will depend on the type of truck an individual operates and whether they deliver locally or nationwide.

How much do Truck Drivers Make Based on the Type of Trucking

How much do truckers make when it comes to light drivers or delivery drivers will involve the average annual salary of $30,000.  The top ten percent of truckers will earn over $60,000 a year. Heavy truck drivers will earn an average of $40,000 a year, with the top drivers bringing home an annual $58,000. Most truckers, both tractor trailer and light, will receive benefits such as basic life insurance, medical insurance, paid holidays and vacations and retirement plans. Larger trucking companies will also offer long term cancer, eye-care and disability insurance.

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How much truck drivers make can also depend on the type of industry they work in. Sales delivery and light truckers that work in the motion picture industry will earn the highest yearly salary at $60,000. They can also make a significantly high salary working for electric power companies and courier services, earning $56,000 a year.  A Heavy truck driver will earn a high salary driving long distances for courier services, making $58,000 a year. Truckers who are employed by manufacturing companies will make $56,000 annually.

The amount truck drivers make can also depend on the state a driver lives in.  Delivery service drivers and light truckers earned the highest salary in Alaska at $42,000. Other states that offer a high salary for this position include New York, Florida, Oregon, Massachusetts and North Dakota. States that feature a lower salary for truckers include Utah, Alabama, Illinois and Arkansas.

Career Outlook for Truck Drivers

Statistics show that the demand for truck drivers will increase by more than twenty percent for delivery truckers and light truckers, within the next three years. The demand for heavy truckers will increase by fifteen percent in the next two years, which is faster than the average job growth rate. The demand for tractor trailer and heavy truckers will increase due to the importance of having products transported on time, across the country.

Based on the type of trucking, a driver will be required to acquire a certain amount of continuing education hours each year, in order to maintain a valid commercial driver’s license. These CC requirements vary from state to state.

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