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The Two Top Flatbed Trucking Companies

TMC is one of the top flatbed trucking companies in the country. This trucking company is also one of the largest privately owned flatbed trucking companies and has been in the business for over forty years. TMC boasts that no other trucking company has a better reputation or a stronger flatbed freight base. In this article we’ll take a look at TMC, as well as Access America, two of the top flatbed trucking companies in the business.

TMC Flatbed Trucking Companies

TMC drivers are individuals who want to be part of a team that strives to be the best at what they do. These drivers are proud that companies all over the country know them for their sharpness, on-time delivery and cleanliness of their fleet. The quality of these drivers, their equipment and the service they provide is what keeps customers satisfied and coming back.

truck driver requirements

TMC flatbed trucking companies have high expectations for their drivers and require their drivers to complete yearly continuing education requirements, in order to stay current with trucking rules and regulations.

Access America Trucking Company

Access American provides their customers with access to flatbed truck capacities anywhere in the country. This company also offers a variety of equipment sizes and types, in addition to any necessary components such as coil racks, chains, straps and tarps.

Utilizing flatbed shipping is a great way to transport goods that are not easily carried in an enclosed dry vehicle. Some examples of typical freight for flatbeds will include machinery, building materials and equipment. A flatbed truck will allow for larger dimensional flexibility, which can make them the best and safest choice for these types of loads.

Flatbed trucking companies will provide complete door to door flatbed service and can develop a comprehensive logistics plan that will fit the needs of any company or organization.

The Access American trucking company began as a flatbed company ten years ago and has since expanded and become of the largest flatbed trucking companies in the country. They have built a large and expansive network throughout the country utilizing partnerships. These partnerships have enabled them to serve their customers any time, day or night.

Access America’s freight experts have a significant amount of experience when it comes to transporting all types of materials and commodities.  Additionally, they can offer advice when selecting the right kind of equipment for transportation of goods. Whatever a customer needs to transport, these experts have hauled it before and will have the expertise that’s needed in order to make a customer’s move cost effective.

Flatbed trucking companies can help a company to decide the best way to transport their products. There are a number of factors to consider in regards to the best option for travel. These factors can include the composition, weight and size of the materials that are being transported. These factors will determine which type of equipment and trailer should be used. Most trucking companies will have access to such trailers as step decks, flatbeds, RGNs and double drops.

When you ship your products using Access America, their team performs and manages the entire job from the beginning until the products arrive at their destination. A customer won’t have to worry about permit, clearances, or routing.

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