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Company Sponsored CDL Training Programs

A career working as a trucker can offer a number of opportunities for professional growth and financial rewards. Company sponsored CDL training programs can save an aspiring trucker the cost of $4,000 for tuition. These three month Company sponsored CDL training programs will reimburse students for the total cost of a program, over the period of twelve months, while the student works as a professional trucker with that company. The cost of tuition will typically include two-hundred hours of instruction, student housing, and transportation to and from the school, study and testing materials, license fees and drug screening tests.

Top Company Sponsored CDL Training Program Overview

Drivers wanting to work for large trucking companies will go through six week training programs and will then team together in their own truck with another driver, after the successful completion of the program. The normal amount for training pay will apply. Some company sponsored CDL training programs will also offer free spouse training for wives and husbands who wish to drive together. In order to qualify for that type of program a student will need to provide a copy of the marriage certificate.

CDL school

Most company sponsored CDL training programs will offer advanced apprenticeship training for graduates and drivers who have less than three months of experience on the road.

A professional seasoned driver will be the student’s contact for any issues they may encounter during their first two months on the road. The driving student will meet with this person during the orientation portion of a program and will communicate with them during the duration of the training program.

A student will also work with a qualified driver and pull actual loads, receiving real on the job training experience. During the mentorship portion of a program a student will earn pay while they are learning about the rules of trucking. The on the road training portion of a program will last four to six weeks. New drivers will get paid around $600 a week while training.

Both female and male mentors are available and students will have the option of waiting until a member of the same gender is available or training with the first available mentor. Once a student has completed the six week mentorship portion of a program and passed the final road test, they will be upgraded to driver status classification and will receive the keys to their own truck. At that point they will be able to drive on their own and work for a top trucking company.

How to Enroll in a Free Truck Driver Training Program

In order to enroll in a trucking program free of cost, you’ll need to research local trucking companies that offer truck driver education programs. Often these training programs are free of charge in exchange for the graduating student driving for that specific company for a period of one to two years, starting the day after the student graduates from a program. These programs will also help to prepare the student for material that’s included in the CDL exam.

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